I want to segue to view controller without button, when in range of beacon

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I am currently developing an application in swift 3 which interacts with your iBeacons. The application should automatically segue to a different view controller once the application confirms that it is in the vicinity of a beacon. I am using your proximity multiple app skin and Estimote sdk framework.

I am able to identify beacons using my applications however I am not able to segue to a new view controller which I have created once the beacon is identified and in range :

if let beaconDetails = content as? BeaconDetails

I am trying to use the beacon details as the argument for my conditional statement in order to perform a segue to my new view controller called “detailsDeg”. However, this is not working for me.

if(beaconDetails.beaconName == “mint”)
self.performSegue(withIdentifier: “detailsSeg”, sender: AnyObject?.self)

If your team or the Estimote community has ever encountered a situation whereby the viewcontroller automatically changes conditionally based off of an Estimote beacon being in range, please let me know. I would highly appreciate it if you could guide me to the appropriate code or example.

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Programmatically performing the segue in response to a beacon event should work just fine. I assume you already created a manual segue in the Interface Builder and added the “detailsSeg” identifier to it? Can you double-check if the line with the performSegue is being executed? (I’d either put a breakpoint there, or add a print)