iBeacon not responding since OS update

Hi there

Got my iBeacons out for the first time this morning and starting playing around with the code on:

I’m looking at doing JavaScript work with them. Anyway, once I have positioned them, signed up to the Estimote Cloud, I started connecting to each individual beacon via the Android application and running the OS update. All of them initially had trouble connecting and problems downloading the update but eventually they all took it, individually responded update successful.

I then booted up the apps and some test apps, but now one of the Ice Blue beacons cannot be found? I have tried to use the default UUID and also a custom one that I applied to them and nothing works?

Please advise, as currently I am a 3rd down.

Many thanks


Can you use a Bluetooth LE scanner app (e.g. this one from Nordic) and check if you can see the beacon there?