Firmware update

Hi Estimote,

I just updated the firmware of my iBeacons and was wondering if in the future there will be another way to be able to do this ? Right now you have to approach and place it on the phone - and it also takes pretty long.

This way the maintenance of iBeacons will be pretty “expensive”.

thx Marcin

That’s a great point, thanks for raising this up.

We completely agree that the current firmware update procedure doesn’t scale well when talking about deploying hundreds of beacons across numerous geographical locations. We also believe it’s extremely important to keep the firmware up-to-date: the best part of innovation in the beacon field comes from the software running the beacon getting better and gaining new features—be it support for new beacon protocols, or improved security.

That’s why it’s pretty high on our priority list to solve the problem of scalable, low-cost, robust firmware updates. We haven’t yet finalized how exactly this will work or when we’ll roll it out, but imagine something more or less like this:

You build a beacon-enabled app with Estimote SDK in it. As a beacon-enabled app, it’s already at its core to scan for nearby beacons and enable contextual experiences. So while it’s scanning for beacons, the SDK can detect which beacons have firmware updates available and—if the user of the app is close enough to a beacon, automatically start the firmware update process. And you—the owner of the beacon network—just sit back in your comfy chair hundreds of kilometers away, and watch the firmware version numbers changing in the Estimote Cloud web dashboard. How does it sound? (:

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yes - this is exactly the way I would like to have it :smile:

What I think is also important, that the update might be sequential as the one user with his device might only be few moments close to the iBeacon and it might be not long enough to run the update.

Thx - waiting for this feature :smile:

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