iBeacon mode?

Are the Estimotes set to (or can be set to) iBeacon mode?

With recent events, my understanding is that any iOS device has to use the iBeacon protocol to communicate with a beacon. So this would mean the Estimote needs to be in "iBeacon" mode?

If so, any Android based application would also have to use the iBeacon protocol? But Apple don't want that (but I believe there are libraries available to do it?)

So what's the deal? If an Estimote is set up for iOS, can it also be used in conjunction with an Android app?

Hi Paul,

Estimote Beacons are using licensed Apple iBeacon technology and are compatible with iBeacon-enabled Apple products and applications.
When it comes to Android we are using our own protocol.

So your SDK for iOS is iBeacon based, as it should be, but Android uses your own implementation?

I thought that a Beacon had to be in "iBeacon" mode to communicate with iOS and therefore wasn't also allowed to do anything with Android (because Apple don't want to play friendly)

But your saying the Estimote doesn't have a specific iBeacon mode, and works with both OS's out the box?


That's right Estimote Beacons work both with iOS and Android right out of the box. We have our own solution for that but I'm afraid I cannot reveal more as it's confidential. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.