Should I use the iBeacon or Eddystone protocol for my iOS/Android app?

I am using Estimote Proximity Beacons and the Estimote SDK for App Development (iOS and Android), specifically I am using ‘ranging’ to find the closest beacon. It all works well - the Estimote Beacons are sending iBeacon signals.

I read a lot about the differences of iBeacon and Eddystone, but I haven’t read anything about an actual performance comparison of these two bluetooth standards for iOS and Android.

Can anyone share performance experiences using the Eddystone protocol and the iBeacon protocol.

I would like to the good results on both iOS and Android. So the question is should my beacons be sending Eddystone or iBeacon signals for my app which runs on Android and iOS.

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Take a look at my thoughts about iBeacon v Eddystone: