iBeacon iOS 8.3 only showing icon in locked screen when WIFI is active

Hi guys, I’m using sestimotes beacons. And I’m facing this problem:

I’m using only the location manager with his monitoring for region’s method…which enables the app icon in lock screen.

  1. When beacon is in range and my mobile is using his 3G or 4G network, the app icon in lock screen isn’t showed
  2. but, if I switch to WIFI Network the app icon is showed
  3. and, if I’m in WIFI and switch to 3G - 4G, the app icons is showed

Why is this happening? I can’t find a true answer for this.

I’m using iOS 8.3 and Xcode 6.3.2

This is part of my code, if is important to see it.

App Delegate section:

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {

//....other configurations...

[self startLocalizationMultipleBeaconManagerStartInBackground];

- (void)startLocalizationMultipleBeaconManagerStartInBackground{
   BeaconController *beacon = [[BeaconController alloc]init];   
   [beacon startBeacon]; 

My code is this, custom beacon class:

- (void)startBeacon{
   [self configureBeacon];

   self.locationManager = [[CLLocationManager alloc] init];
   self.locationManager = [self settingLocationManager:self.locationManager];

//At this point; authorization is: Authorized Always  

 [self.locationManager startMonitoringForRegion:self.beaconRegion];

- (CLLocationManager*)settingLocationManager:(CLLocationManager*)locationManager{
   if([locationManager respondsToSelector:@selector(requestAlwaysAuthorization)]) {
     [locationManager requestAlwaysAuthorization];
    locationManager.delegate = self;
    locationManager.pausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically = NO;

  return locationManager;

- (void)configureBeacon{
   NSUUID *uuid = [[NSUUID alloc] initWithUUIDString:kBeaconUUDIDForce];

   self.beaconRegion =  [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:uuid
   self.beaconRegion.notifyOnEntry = YES;
   self.beaconRegion.notifyOnExit = YES;
   self.beaconRegion.notifyEntryStateOnDisplay = YES;

Thanks, cheers.