Ranging beacons not working if wifi is enabled


I built an Android an iOS application via cordova. The Android version is working well. On iOS (10) we have a problem: the app can not range for beacons while the wifi is enabled. If we switch off wifi the ranging is working imediatelly.

Does anyone have an idea? The problem only appears on iOS 10. On devices with iOS 9 it’s working well, too.

Thanks in advance!

Whoa, that’s interesting. What iOS device are your testing with?

Hello, we have one iPhone 7, two iPhone 6S and two iPad 4.
On one iPhone 6S the app is working properly. On all other devices we have to switch off the WiFi. Once the WiFi has been disabled, it is possible to switch it on again and the app is working well…

I checked all permissions on the devices. Everthing is the same…

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I do have a similar funny issue with my iPhone 7:
i have a strange problem with my app. On my iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1 or 10.2(Beta) it seems ike the bluetooth scanner seems to block the internet connection thru wifi. Meaning when i´m in airplane mode and have bluetooth activated my app has no internet access. When I turn bluetooth off the internet thru wifi works fine.
With other apps (also using bluetooth) i do not experience this issue. No even stranger. Other Phones using iOS 9 or 10 do not have that issue with my app.
I tried restarting the phone, resetting network setttings. Reinstalling the app. Nothing helped.

Anybody experiencing similar issues?

Many Thanks

Best Stephan

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We are experiencing similar issues with out app when monitoring for Beacon enter/exit regions.

Sometime monitoring works as expected but then it starts to act weird. Turning Wifi off and on again often makes the beacon region events fire even if we already have been inside the region before.

Also we sometimes get the inside notification when disconnecting from the car bluetooth handsfree - though we have already been inside for the whole drive (beacon is located in car)

I file a radar: https://openradar.appspot.com/29265623