How update promotion content showed via iBeacon

Hello everyone,
I’m new to estimote world so if my question is really noob excuse me in advance :).
I have to developer an iOS application where promotional contents are show when user go near beacons that we have placed in our shopping center. These promotional contents are in a web backend and I have to download it in the app so the user don’t see old contents. If user don’t use app for a time I thinked to update contents via a silent push notification but I read that silent push notifications works only if app is in foreground or background NOT if app is killed from user.

So in these case what can we do? My boss don’t want that an user see old promo content when he enter the shopping center.

I’d do it like this:

  1. The user enters the range of a beacon.
  2. iOS wakes up or launches the app in the background to handle the “enter” event, giving the app a few seconds before it suspends it.
  3. Use that time to fetch the new content from the server. (Use a background execution task if you anticipate the request could take longer to complete.)
  4. Once you have the new content, show a notification.
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Thanks very much Heypiotr! It’s a really good idea

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