NEED URGENT HELP getting my beacons to read in my mobile app!


we have the finished app and set up the beacons.

The purpose of the app is a shopping tool. so the beacons will be placed in the store and when someone passes by with the app they will get a push notification that there is a store near by because it reads the estimote beacons.

But this screenshot is flashing when we open the app, and it should only come up after user logs in and it should be a push that directs users to that store we set up in database. instead it shows this random code.

We have since done some work and now nothing pops up at all when we are next to the beacons.

Can somebody please tell me what’s wrong?

I should be able to get the push notification after I login to the app. Once I press the push, it should redirect me to the profile page of the store that we have developed in the app.

I have attached the beacon code and a sample app here:
so you can help review.

Thank you!!
AppDelegate.pdf (31.8 KB)

I don’t see any code that’d show notifications in there, and there’s no monitoring either.

Ranging works only when the app is running, and with the app on screen, iOS doesn’t actually display its notifications*, so it’s a bad candidate for showing notifications.

We’ve just released an iBeacon tutorial, part of which explains how to use monitoring to display a notification, feel free to take a look:

* it is expected that the will handle them via the application:didReceiveLocalNotification app delegate method instead


So you are saying that when people are driving past a store with the beacons it is not possible to get a push notification if they have the app downloaded on their phone? I have gotten push notifications when the developer sent them to me, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to get them around the beacons.

I have our app completed, but my developers can’t seem to get the beacons to show successfully in the app. Is there a way I can send you the full source code to review what we have done wrong?

My clients are Waiting for the completed app, but these Estimote beacons are the most important part and I am stuck. Let me know what you can do to help me.

Thank you!

Also just to clarify, is the fact that you do not see any code that shows notifications or monitoring mean that the developers have not implemented that?

I don’t exactly know how but the developers have sent me push notifications from their computers… i’m guessing this is not the same thing?

All right, so the notifications are pushed from the server in response to a request from the app. I’d probably use local notifications myself, but push should work too.

The other point still stands though, and it originates from the fact that notifications are not shown if the app is in the foreground:

  • app in the background or not running = if notification comes, it’ll be shown as a banner

  • app running in the foreground = if notification comes, nothing is shown, only application:didReceiveLocalNotification (for local notifications) or application:didReceiveRemoteNotification (for push notifications) is called (and you can use this to show your own alert)

The code you shared is doing ranging, and ranging doesn’t work when the app is not running.

So, if you come close to a beacon with your phone and the app is not running, it won’t detect the beacon. If you come close to a beacon with your phone and the app is running, it will detect the beacon but won’t show the notification.

This is where monitoring comes handy—it works even if the app is not running.