Creating Content for Beacons


Can you create your own content for the beacons? We have just received the developer preview kit and wondered if there is any way of changing the content which is being sent?


Thanks Agnieszka

Hi Scott,

Yes it will be possible to create and easly modify content of the beacon app through our Estimote platform which consist of Context Management System and Estimote Cloud.

We will be launching this platform very soon, if you are interested please write me

Thank you

Hi Scott

If i wanted to use the beacons in a retail store do i need a developer to build an app for the store providing content to display activated by the beacons? Or do we use the app provided by estimote? If so, is the CMS mentioned user friendly for people like me that are not developers. I am also looking for developer to build an app for a number of retailers in my city. Cheers.

Hi Mark

Thats another question i need answering as well, i am from a school over in Manchester and we would like to use the beacons around school to send messages to pupil devices. But i think the way it works is that you need your own App but i hope someone else can answer this.


Hey thanks Scott... I was meant to direct the question at the moderator.
Anyway thanks for taking the time to answer my post. I understand they provided the ios and android sdks but not clear on whether they provide the app or we develop the app.

Hope all goes well with the school. Estimote seem to be way ahead when it comes to ibeacon distribution.

Good luck!

Hi Mark, Scott

To answer your questions. As I mentioned before we will be launching Estimote platform which will make very easy to manage the content of the app like header, images, colors etc.

However, you need an app first and this require a bit of coding knowledge like Objective C or Java. If you are looking for a developer this page will help you:

Mark, if you want to build an app for school maybe this video will inspire you:

If you want to know more about our CMS and Cloud Platform please drop me a line