How To Get iBeacon Info. when didEnterRegion?

I’m new on iBeacon technology and i’m wondering how I can get Beacon info like location assign to this beacon or get tags or beacon color.

My App work offline , so the user will be walking around my beacons and when he enter location range he will get a notification with text msg with this location name . so what i’m trying to do is have 40 beacons install each one have it is own attribute/tags/name and the notification msg depend on this.

Beacons themselves only broadcast their ID, and nothing else—no additional information like color, tags, the text of the message they’re supposed to trigger, etc. Your app needs to take the ID of the discovered beacon, and map that into the appropriate information.

One idea is to keep the extra information locally in the app, but then if you want to change it, you need to release a new app.

Another idea is to keep them externally, on some server. You can then change them without having to release a new app, but the app itself will need to be able to download them, so it won’t work entirely offline.

You can see an example implementation of the latter in an example app you can generate on Just go to the “Apps” section, add a new one, and pick one of the “Proximity Content” templates. The way it works is, it’ll download the color information from Estimote Cloud when a beacon is discovered, and change the background.

I Already start with Solution #2 "GET beacon info from server and save it local and keep it up to date " , but the issue that I have 100 location to setup -> so i change all my beacon to have the same UUID , and to get beacon info I’m gonna use Major/Minor value to recognize between beacons :smiley: i hope this is good idea unless u have better solution ?

That’s exactly what the major and minor values are for (:

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