How to use only analytics (iOS)?

Hello! I already have code for ranging and monitoring beacons using the iOS CLLocationManager, now I want to add only analytics to my app.
I don’t want to use any other estimote api, besides ESTAnalyticsManager. Is this possible?

Got you covered here:

You’d need to change your CLLocationManager to ESTLocationManager, but luckily, the API is almost exactly the same, the same startRanging/startMonitoring methods, etc.

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Thanks heypiotr,
I followed the tutorial, still nothing is shown in the cloud - is it real time?

Is it so that works only for v.1 of analytic and does v1 still works and how to implement it?

It’s not quite real time yet, I think there’s a 2–3 hour lag. Can you see anything in there now?

Not quite sure what you mean by “v1 of analytics”.

No, nothing. With ‘v1 of analytics’ I mean the deprecated api for analytics. I got this v1 thing from here:

Today I started with blank project I even got some logs that analytics is sending events, but nothing on the UI

Hi, It is the same issue with me i can’t see the analytics cloud even i added all the codes need it and also i have this message may its effect ??? as yellow triangle

  [ESTConfig enableMonitoringAnalytics:YES];
+ (void)enableMonitoringAnalytics:(BOOL)enable DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Starting from SDK 4.1.1 this method is deprecated. Please use [ESTAnalyticsManager enableMonitoringAnalytics:]");

other one
Null passed to a callee that requires a non-null argument


Was just brought to my attention that we found a bug with our analytics dashboard that prevents anything from being shown on it. We’re working on fixing that, apologies for the trouble!

Hi Piotr,
I tried everything (,, …) but still nothing is shown in the cloud.
Please, can you post actual code snippet for working analytics?