Integrate Analytics - Android app

Hi Team,

This post is about, how integrate the analytics reports to my beacons with Android App?

I know in IOS, the integration is explained here:

but i dont found an android sdk documentation to this function.

Please, if exist let me know or share a link to implement that solution.

Regards, Edwin Alvarado.

We’re working on an Android version of this tutorial. In the meantime, maybe you could take the code snippets for setting up the Beacon Manager & starting ranging from our other Android tutorial:

And you enable analytics with these two methods:

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Nice, Thanks for your help! Thats works for me


Hi All.

I’m trying to activate the analitycs part of the SDK on Estimote cloud account but it didn’t work.
I have followed the iOS tutorial at this page (obviously with Android SDK and replicating the same flow an my Android device).

Did I miss something or I need to activate some authorizations or perform others steps for Android?

Thank’s in advance, Andrea.

Should work just fine! Are you on the latest version of our Android SDK?