Been trying for days. :(

Can somebody please tell me why Analytics won’t show up on the board?

I am using swift and I have been following the documentation exactly as described in here:

As stated on the page you linked to (,

Note: the new analytics are not yet integrated with the “analytics” graph in the Estimote Cloud—at this time, you can only access its data via our REST API. If you want the data to show up on the graph, use the first version of our analytics instead.

You can access the analytics via our RESTful API instead:

So is there a documentation for the first version of estimote analytics ?

Ordinarily, you’d need to use enableAnalytics (v1) instead of enableRangingAnalytics and enableMonitoringAnalytics (v2). Problem is, enableAnalytics is marked as deprecated, and in Swift this for some reasons results in a compilation error, and not a warning. I’m not sure if it’s possible to change this behavior or not, e.g., via some Xcode flag.

Any chance you could consider using v2 instead? It’s more flexible, has more endpoints than just the “pings” one from v1, and will be the only version under active development going forward. You can plot your own graph with the JSON data fetched from the API.