How to detect and "register" beacons with my custom application?


I’m trying to detect an unregistered beacon with my application that I’m developing. Then, I want to determine what to happen when entering that beacon’s “zone” with my application.

Is this even possible? And if possible, how to?


Hey znittzel,

Can you explain in more detail what do you mean by detecting an ‘unregistered’ beacon? On iOS, you need to know at least the UUID of a beacon to be able to monitor for it. Here you’ll find a brief tutorial that explains monitoring:

And to define actions based on proximity zones you’ll need to use Ranging. It’s explained in detail right here:


Thank you for your answer.

Just like the Estimote-application in the “device”-section does when it allows the user to “claim” the near by beacon. I want my application to have the same feature, doing it possible for users to claim beacons that are unclaimed. Then, when the user has claimed it’s own beacon I want the user to choose between different events to occur when the phone is in that beacon’s range.

Although, I did find an example project that came when downloading the iOS-SDK that did something similar of what I’m searching for. The project name is “Configuration” but I haven’t got it working, maybe because of that I, for now, using the virtual beacon from the phone.

Hey there,

Thanks for explaining! Configuration indeed requires a physical beacon to work with :slight_smile:

As for the use case you’ve described, please note that the ‘Claim’ functionality is used by us for authentication purposes, so that only an owner of the beacon can access its settings (like Broadcasting Power, Advertising Interval, etc.). If your app requires individual beacons assigned to users for some purpose, you don’t necessarily need to have these beacons assigned to them in Estimote Cloud if the users won’t need to change settings on beacons. You could handle it all within your backend.


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