How to configure nearables?

I finally received my Nearables and I was very excited.

Right now, my excitement is a bit lower :confused:

I can’t figure out how to configure my nearables! The documentation always points to the Cloud and to the iOS SDK but i don’t own an iPhone to test the sdk or to use the iOS app.
I have an Android device but the Android app doesn’t offer to configure anything of the nearable.

In the cloud I can find my Nearables and there is a Edit Settings Button in the top right if I select a Sticker but I only can edit the Name and the Privacy of the Sticker but not, for example, the radius of the beacon or the sending interval.

How is it possible to change that? Do I need an iPhone with the iPhone app running?
Why can’t I do that with the Android app?

Thanks :smile:



Yes, sadly, it’s only possible to configure a nearable via an iOS SDK at this point. Support for the Estimote iOS app is coming soon. Support for Estimote Android SDK and app will come later this quarter.

Maybe you could temporarily borrow an iOS device from a friend to do the configuration? It’s often a one-time process. I know that’s far from perfect, but that’s the best solution we can offer for now ):

Ok, thank you heypiotr that’s sad to here.

Will see how I’ll manage that.

Best regards

So, now that I know that I need an iPhone and the iOS SDK to configure the beacons, where can I find a tutorial or explanation how to configure the Nearbales with the iOS SDK?

It’s a bit difficult to find informations about that.


The easiest way to go about that is with the Examples bundled with the SDK:

Just add your App ID and App Token here:

If you don’t yet have one, you can generate yourself a token here:

Once you do this, just build and run the Examples app on your device, and look for the sticker demos at the very bottom of the list. Note: you need to be moving your sticker in order to be able to connect to it.

Great, thanks a lot heypiotr will have a look into it soon :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

just for my information are there any plans that the Nearables can be configured on any other way as just with an iOS device?

For example, if a nearable is used in a product sold to a customer but the customer has problems saying that the beacon is detected to early or late I want to change the radius or the intervall without telling the customer to borrow an iPhone from a friend and to configure it or without visiting the customer at home with my iPhone.

To be honest I’m really sad that this point was not better mentioned before, otherwise I wouldn’t bought the beacons from Estimote. Now I’m blocked because I don’t have an iPhone (or any other iOS device), can’t configure my stickers to start developing my prototype and I’m not okay with the fact that I have to buy a 700€ device just to configure the beacons.
Well I know I can buy an older device like an iPhone 5 but for what? That I can buy one each year because it doesn’t get the newest iOS version anymore?

I’m more confused about how that could be an acceptable solution. Let’s say I have a product that uses beacons and I sell a lot of units per day (lets say 1000 and more). Then I have to register 1000 beacons a day with an iPhone and configure them? Instead that they are automatically linked to my profile and I configure them from the cloud? (or much much better to set a default configuration that will be automatically assigned to beacons that are linked to my profile)
Will they be configurable from within the cloud soon? What are the plans?

Thank you

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