Can change settings on Estimote Stickers for Android SDK?

I try to use Android sdk to chance Estimote Stickers but it not work

Can you let us know more about what’s going on? What are the errors, show your code, etc.

I try to learn for it,but I watch internet said it only can use in ios,so i afraid it can’t work on Android,so it can work on android?:smiley:

you can use Estimote Android SDK :slight_smile:
Estimote Android SDK
Tutorial for Android

Thank you so much ,I will continue to learn how to use:grinning:

Is any example for how to setting Estimote Stickers ?

I read DOC find NearableInfoSettings

Use NearableInfoSettings can setting Stickers?

I don’t know.
I only used Location Beacons and never changed settings of beacons in my app.
I always used cloud and estimote app.

EstimoteCloud.getInstance().fetchNearableDetails(testNearable.identifier, new CloudCallback<NearableInfo>() {

    public void success(NearableInfo nearableInfo) {
        Log.i("power", String.valueOf(nearableInfo.settings.hardware));

    public void failure(EstimoteServerException e) {


I try to use nearableInfosettings but don’t know how to use to set my Stickers power