How to assign GPS location to beacons?

If you have a lot of beacons, they may be hard to keep track of. With Estimote SDK, you can add GPS location to your beacons. Location of beacons is stored in Estimote Cloud, where we translate the raw latitude and longitude into a human-readable (and easily searchable!) address.

Assigning GPS location

You can do that in two ways:

  • through Estimote Cloud
  • through Estimote SDK

Estimote Cloud:

  1. log into your account at
  2. check beacons you want to tag with a GPS location
  3. click Edit
  4. enter location address in the Geo location field and save the changes


Estimote SDK:

ESTCloudManager class has two methods that assign geolocation:

// don't forget to set the app token!
ESTCloudManager.setupAppID("", andAppToken: "")

cloudManager = ESTCloudManager()
cloudManager.assignCurrentGPSLocationToBeacon(beacon) { (location, error) in
if error != nil {
println(“error: (error)”)
} else {
println(“successf: (location as! CLLocation)”)

Managing locations in the cloud

In Estimote Cloud dashboard, you can search your beacon list by location address. And in the Locations tab, you will see a list of addresses to which your beacons are assigned. You can remotely manage beacons in each location.

Read more about remotely managing beacon settings.

Locations tab also stores all locations saved to the cloud with Indoor Location SDK. To learn more, read:

Can I store locations in Estimote Cloud?