Can I access beacon settings remotely?

Yes. Estimote Cloud allows you to access and adjust the settings of your beacons from anywhere.

In the cloud you can:

Changes to names, tags, and GPS location will be applied immediately. Any other changes will be marked as pending until they’re propagated to beacons via the Estimote app or an app using the Estimote Fleet Management API.

Bear in mind that in order to access your beacons' settings in the Estimote Cloud, you need to:

To remotely edit settings on multiple beacons:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Check the beacons you want to edit
  3. Click Edit
  4. Adjust settings as you see fit and click Save changes


Remember that name and Minor value can only be changed when editing a single beacon. To remotely edit settings on a single beacon:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Choose the beacon you want to edit and click Settings button next to its name
  3. Click Edit Settings
  4. Adjust settings as you see fit and click Save changes

When will the changes be applied to my beacons?

After the changes are confirmed, they’ll be marked in Estimote Cloud’s dashboard as pending. To apply them to the beacons, you need to be in their range.


To propagate changes to beacons:

  1. Open the Estimote iOS app and log into your Estimote Account in Estimote iOS app
  2. Walk in range of the beacons
  3. Properties will be adjusted automatically

The update to each beacon shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds, but please note the app has to be active (running in the foreground). When the changes are confirmed, they’ll be reflected in the cloud automatically.

Can I cancel pending changes?

Sure thing! Just go into the the settings screen of a beacon and click Delete Pending Settings.


Do I have to use the Estimote app to apply the changes?

No. You can integrate our Fleet Management API into your own app, so that your staff or even end users can propagate the changes in settings to the beacons. For details, read:

Fleet Management API

You can also use our iOS Deployment App to have your settings applied to multiple beacons in quick succession.