How do I communicate between beacons using mesh network

I recently bought the “Estimote Location Beacons” and I am trying to figure out how do I communicate between beacons using Ionic 3? I am using “evothings.eddystone.startScan” to start scanning for the beacons and retrieve information.

At this time, mesh is pretty much only used internally to propagate settings/firmware updates via our Fleet Management APIs and SDKs. You can’t currently send your own mesh messages between Estimote Beacons.

What do you want to use mesh for?

Awe that’s unfortunate. Lets just say beacon[A] and beacon[B] display popup messages. What I want to accomplish with the mesh is that when the user detects beacon[A], then beacon[A] sends data to beacon[B] so that when the next user try’s to get the popup from beacon[A] it wont work and they would have to find beacon[B] to get the popup. Then it restarts.

You don’t need mesh for that (;

Just remember that beacons themselves don’t trigger any popups, and beacons don’t detect people/smartphones (see Instead, you need to build a mobile app that’ll detect beacons, and it’s that app that will/can trigger the popups/notifications.

And if you’re building an app, you can totally code it so that after the app discovers beacon[A], it’ll no longer trigger any notifications from that beacon, until it also discovers beacon[B]. Basically, your app, your code, your rules!

Oh i see but the users would be on different devices so how would I go about knowing if the beacon was already detected by another user without some time of networking?

Oh okay, I assumed you meant this behavior is per-user. Never assume anything I guess (;

Yeah, in this case you’d need to somehow track this globally, e.g., on a server. The app would detect beacon[A], ask the server if anybody else already detected it, and decide what to do then.

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Ah thank you @heypiotr :smiley: