Can a mesh network scan a beacon?

First I would like to know if a beacon device can be scanned by another one, and if it is possible to do a trilaterazion using a mesh network and placing a beacon in a person, the application of indor location does not help me since I do not want to do it based on smartphone…

Thanks in advance

This is what I am trying to do as well. In theory, it should work as per this page:

However, I am having challenges as the sticker beacons are not updating location (it is not showing location of sticker beacons even in the Indoor location app). I logged ticket for this and waiting for response:

Let me know if you find anything that can address this issue.

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Thank you very much for the shared information, it helped me to understand what can be done with the mesh network and other beacons, I had doubts if this was possible, because I read that it was not practical for a beacon to hear another beacon due to the increase in the battery expense. I would like to know if the search time for the Stickers could be less.

I was trying another variant, maybe use three raspberry pi for the triangulation and place in a beacon device in a person that will be in constant movement, I do not know if it helps you …

PD: Excuse me for my English. :slight_smile: