How can we restrict notification access to specific iPhone IDs?

I guess this could tie in with something like HomeKit but how could transmission with a beacon be restricted to a group of iPhones i.e. a family? If 100 people have the same app but you only want an Estimote beacon to push to a restricted group i.e. family how would this be done? Could it be done via BLE only or would it then get NFC involved? Could IMEI’s be used?

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This is something you need to handle with your app’s backend. You will need to employ some sort of authentication system, and for example start monitoring for specific beacon regions only if the app user is authorized. Beacons themselves only broadcast their IDs, so there is no way to limit who can pick up their signal on the beacon side. It needs to be solved in the application.


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Just an idea off the top of my head but you could get the UUID of the phone with:

NSString* stringUUID = [UUID UUIDString];

You could then do a Switch statement or if/else to determine whether the message should be shown.

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Switch would be classy wouldn’t it :wink: in the end I think it’s easiest to just require app login using Parse. Have you tried that?