Limiting Estimote Beacon Messaging

Hey Guys. Very excited to start our project with estimote beacons. Have a question. When we place a beacon in a specific location is there anyway to LIMIT the amount of messages a beacon can send to a particular phone? Meaning if someone is walking in and of an area of the store, can we restrict sending the same message to that device?

The beacon itself is very simplistic in nature: it’ll keep broadcasting its presence to anyone around it, every certain interval. Also, remember that beacons only broadcast their identifier. This identifier is read by the app on your phone, and it’s the app that choose to send a message to the user, and what kind of message too.

With all of that in mind, the good news—since you (as a developer) are in full control of your app, you can program it so that it only sends messages to certain users, or does it only once etc.

e.g. (pseudo code)

func didEnterRangeOfBeacon(beaconId: String) {
    let user = self.getCurrentUser()
    if user.shouldReceiveMessage == true && user.didReceiveMessage == false {
        showMessage(beaconId == 1 ? "Message #1" : "Message #2")
        user.didReceiveMessage = true

(in reality, beacon ID would a UUID/major/minor trio, and it’d be a beacon region instead of a beacon, but that’s the next step :wink:)

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE REPLY!!! This is perfect!!!