All estimate beacons in the region without uuid, major or minor

Hey, I had read your documentation and its said:

“Or just be super vague and skip the UUID too, which then means “all Estimote Beacons.””

That is what I need, do I need a method or property for establishing a region for ALL the estimote beacons near from me with “NO” UUID, major or minor. I want all of them without restrictions. I mean, I dont want to specify an specific UUID, major or minor I wanna call ALL_ESTIMOTE_BEACONS near, how can I do that please?.

On iOS, you need to specify at least the UUID. The passage about being able to skip the UUID is from the Android tutorial I believe, and unfortunately it only applies to Android.

Hey thanks for your reply, the thing is that if I specify at least one UUID like the CLBeaconRegion in my app; the app would not recognize all the estimote beacons, only that one that is in the region of that UUID. How can I made an app to recognize all the estimate beacons without any restrictions???

If there is NO possibility for making my IOS app without specifying and UUID obligatory. Now I have the kit of 3 beacons with the same UUID but for my next purchase I want them all to have the same UUID always it is possible?

My question is related because I have also bought the kit of stickers and they have different UUID and I want all my purchase products to have always the same UUID can I do that?

Resuming all my question, can I have all my present and future beacons with the same UUID? thanks!

All the beacons we ship are set to a default UUID of B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D, so no worries, you’ll always be able to detect these. You can always change this to your own UUID, and you can make it the same for all of your beacons (it’s usually the major and minor values which differ between beacons with the same UUID), so again, you’ll be able to detect all of your beacons easily.

With stickers, you can’t change the UUID at this time, but you can actually detect all of the nearby Estimote Stickers regardless of their UUID, with the ESTNearableManager. This is because stickers broadcast both an iBeacon packet, and our own, Nearable packet (read more on our dev portal), and we use the latter to discover nearables via the ESTNearableManager, which bypasses the iBeacon limitation of only being able to discover beacons when you know their UUID.