Eddystone URL not showing up in iOS Chrome "Today"

Hi, my url is shortened, with https://. Is there a reason why its not showing up in iOS Chrome?

It does show up in the phy.net browser.

Here’s the URL




Any theories? I’m bringing them to Cambridge Hackspace tonight for a demo, and it would be great if I could at least explain why they aren’t showing up. : )

Hmm, I’ve just plugged your URL to verify.physical-web.org and I got this:


I guess you may have removed it though (;

I don’t know about phy.net browser, I doubt it uses the same logic that Chrome uses to decide whether to show a URL or not.

Can you try following this troubleshooting article from Google, see if it helps? If you have any questions about it, let us know!

Thanks for getting back to me, Piotr.

No, I didn’t remove it, so I’m a little confused why it’s rejecting it. I had already checked that document you recommended, which is helpful (thanks!), so I thought I was down the road on this.

My hosting provider offers “secure” https addresses, so I used one of those as a trial, and then shortened it.

Here’s the secure address (the pictures aren’t all loading, but I think I can fix that):


And here’s the URL, from goo.gl (I had to add the “s” manually, but I read that’s kosher):


They both work in a browser.

I bet there’s some filtering signal that I’m triggering. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to pay an extra $100+ to buy an SSL certificate – just to do this demo. : (

Thanks so much for your help!


It looks like your provider is blocking robots:


User-agent: *
Disallow: /

… which explains why the Physical Web bot can’t access the site.

To be honest, that’s a bit weird, 'cause it also means that any website on that server won’t be accessible via Google or any other search engine … which I guess might be a good thing, or a terrible thing :slight_smile:

I just signed up for an SSL certificate, not a “shared” SSL certificate, so maybe I can bypass that. They may be just blocking robots on the shared SSL.

We’ll soon find out.