Getting Nearable Type

I’m making a cross-platform Android/iOS project, and trying to get the Nearable Type variable on ranging. Got two separate problems making this quite hard.
On iOS, the application just crashes when starting the nearable ranging/monitoring. I will paste my code for this later (don’t have it here right now). The iOS code is part of an Air Native Extension, with very limited debug options, so I have no idea what the exception is…

On Android, I cannot find any possible way of accessing the Type property. I can range the Stickers, and get all kinds of info out of them, but no Type.

Edit: On Android, I try to connect to the EstimoteCloud, to get the type. But I get the following errors:
No Retrofit annotation found. (parameter #1)
Only one HTTP method is allowed. Found: GET and GET.

I’m doing it exactly as the EstimoteCloud documentation example says.

Managed to get debugging on iOS to work (kinda hard, since it’s part of an ANE), and found out that the crash is because of a SIGABRT (signal 6). It happens the moment I start ranging for nearables.

Any help would be very much appreciated.