Getting Beacons Out of Indoor Mode

I put my beacons into Indoor mode for some testing, but we may move to the 3.0 SDK- is it necessary to get the Beacons out of Indoor mode?

If so, how do you do it?

What is indoor mode doing differently than the regular mode?

Actually, there’s no “indoor mode” per se, all the Indoor app does is changes some of the settings of your beacons:

  • broadcasting power set to max (+4 dBm)
  • advertising interval set to 200 ms
  • basic power mode disabled

You don’t need to change any of this back to default values to be able to use beacons with SDK 3.0.

These settings are a bit more energy-intensive though, so if you’re not testing Indoor anymore, it might be a good idea to decrease the adv. interval (default is 950 ms), broadcasting power (default is -12 dBm) and enable the power modes. This will make sure you beacons last for a long time before running out of battery.

You can change the settings using the Estimote app available in the App Store.