Location UWB beacons battery

Hi, I have some questions about the beacons battery.

  1. Smart Power Saving is off in all of my beacons, should I turn it on?

  2. I don’t remember if this config that I’m using is the default or not:

Estimote Location:

  • Interval: 200
  • Broadcasting Power (dBm): 4
  1. Can I change the battery of my beacons as shown here?


It all depends! :smiley: How do you plan to use your beacons—what app are building, where will the beacons go?

Smart Power Mode can greatly extend the battery life of a beacon by slowing down its advertising when there’s nobody/nothing doing Bluetooth scanning nearby. The downside might be slightly worse performance/reliability/latency, as the beacon switches between “active” and “power saving” modes.

Estimote Location packet is used by Estimote Proximity and Indoor Location SDKs.

Yes, you can change the battery as shown on this picture, by pulling the PCB out of the enclosure through an opening on the back. (Looks slightly different in UWB beacons, but it’s still there and functional :slight_smile:)

Thanks for your answer!

My biggest concern was the beacons consuming battery when I’m not using them. We are not using the beacons in periods of 1 week. All I’m doing now is using the flip to sleep feature. I think it’s going to be enough to save some battery. Thanks!