Getting 500 server errors from writeProximityUuidMajorMinor

While attempting to update the id values with writeProximityUuidMajorMinor, I get an EstimoteServerException.

com.estimote.sdk.exception.EstimoteServerException: 500 Internal Server Error

Digging through the stack, I managed to find the URL being requested{macaddress}

What could be causing this? I’ve had this work more or less correctly before, so I’m not sure what’s happening this time and the error message doesn’t give me any useful information.

@Jon_PS Error code 500 as described indicates our internal server error. Can you share privately your beacon’s mac address (wiktor at estimote dot com) so I’ll check what happened at our side?

Just send the info via email

All resolved.

Fixed on our side. Now it will work for you. Sorry for inconvenience.

Well, that resolved the server side problem.
I have another issue to resolve in the same workflow but I’ll put that in a new topic.

Same thing is happening with me when trying to characterize a beacon.

@shatazone Can you spawn a new thread with this error? And also can provide MAC address of the beacon along with the code from where the problem starts?

Thanks, I moved my post to this topic