404 errors when calling writeProximityUUID

I’m running the 3.2.7 version of the iOS SDK and I am getting a 404 error when attempting to change the UUID of a beacon with it.

This is the only thing I can really point to now given that there are times that it seems connecting to a beacon simply isn’t happening at all or is taking a substantial amount of time.

Where do I start?

EDIT: I also just got a 411 error. Not sure why just now.

404 means that writing the UUID physically to the device failed. There could be a bunch of reasons: signal strength too weak, too much RF noise in the environment, other apps on the iPhone hogging the BT radio, hardware problem with the beacon. Can you try moving the beacon very close to the phone, rebooting the phone, moving away from other BT devices? Is one ore more beacons affected?

411 means you’re trying to write a value that’s already set. (e.g. the minor is 100, and you try to change it to 100) We’re debating getting rid of this one and just silently succeeding in such cases—for now, that’s what it is though.

Well that explains that.

I would put in my vote against that 411 error. Cause then that means that the developers working with the SDK will have to catch that themselves and have it “silently succeed” within their apps.

I’ll see what I can do about the 404 error.

In the meantime, where are all these error codes documented?

@heypiotr ack on this project again.
I had to completely isolate the other beacons in the house, putting them in a makeshift Faraday cage, to be able to get past the 404 errors when updating beacon values.

But now I’m encountering 500 errors when writing the Minor value.
UUID and Major go fine without issue but the process fails when trying to write the Minor.

EDIT: Issue seemed to go away when I switched to a different beacon. Not sure if that was just coincidence when the Estimote Cloud did something.