Errors from Estimote Cloud API when writing values with SDK

Not sure what’s going on in the servers today.

Attempting to write the Minor value returns a 500 error from the Estimote Cloud.
I am able to change the Minor value through the Estimote App.
Beacon mac is c2c268e56170

Another beacon returned a 410 error when attempting to write the UUID.
Again, I am able to write this just fine via the Estimote App.
Beacon mac is e88c01268f6d

This is all being done over the same WiFi connection on the same device. Errors are returned from the server on my app but all goes fine with the Estimote App.

This is running version 3.2.7 of the iOS SDK.
I see nothing in the changelog in newer versions dealing with writing beacon values.

Please take a look at this asap. I’m starting to lose confidence in Estimote as our choice of beacon provider for this project which heavily relies on these features locked behind the Estimote Cloud.

Has anyone from Estimote checked this out?

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.
I am doing these tests with one beacon at a time. Any other beacons I have are being shielded to avoid any further interference.

Sorry for your troubles, and for slow-reponse!

410 means that some connection-specific prerequisites were not met—in this case, the SDK won’t even attempt to contact the cloud, it just throws an error straight away. If you re-try after reconnecting, are you able to change the minor? (Trying to establish if this is a persistent problem, or only some temporary glitch with BLE connection.)

500 means a server error—again, if you could let us know if retrying helps, this’ll tell us if that was just a temporary issue with the cloud, or if we need to dig deeper.

When I was testing, I retried several times in a row and would get back the cloud error each time.
What was most odd was that the Estimote App had no trouble executing the changes. And again, this was the same device, same Wifi connection.

And, this has happened in the past, with 500 errors happening one evening and being gone the next morning.
It’s also a bit troubling that responses from the Estimote Cloud are so slow, taking several nerve-wracking seconds to execute the connection and any actions. Not sure if this will ever see a speed up in the future.

Because of the instability and sluggishness, we are in the process of redesigning our app to avoid using the Estimote Cloud.

I may not be testing Estimote Cloud features again for some time but if there are any specific tests and debugging info I can provide to assist, do let me know.