500 Internal Server Error with v1/beacons/:id/pending_settings

I am attempting to post some settings using the above service. The :id has been replaced with the mac address of the beacon. Here’s the body of the request json (content type application/json):

    "interval": 1500,
    "power": -4,
    "uuid": "11CE9662-3E13-4C41-9220-A3928C60DE39",
    "major": 70,
    "minor": 12109

I can’t see anything wrong with this but the only response I get is a 500. I should add that invoking v1/beacons with the same security credentials works just fine.

Please advise.

The pending_settings endpoint is currently in closed beta, so the 500 error might be a result of you not having access to the endpoint.

The endpoint is part of our fleet management API, which is meant to make managing beacon deployments easier. The idea is that you can queue changes to beacons settings via the API, and then our cloud will send a push notification to your app with the Estimote SDK embedded in it. The next time the user of your app is near the beacon that needs the new settings applied, it’ll do so automatically.

If you’re interested in testing this out, feel free to reach out to our biz-dev team to pull you onto the list of beta-testing companies: tanuj+api@estimote.com.

I would like to and I will contact the team to ask for access.
BTW the API documentation omits the “minor” attribute - at least I assume this is a mistake.