Get Beacon on 3.1.1 version

I wanted to change the type of my beacon from iBeacon to Eddystone. In this post, it is mentioned that we need 3.1.1 for that. However when I click on OS system it says that I’m on A.3.0.1 and that my beacon is up to date.

How to get to 3.1.1?

We have a temporary bug which prevents update to firmware 3.1.1—we’re already working on it. Should be resolved soon, sorry for that!

Thanks for the update Piotr. Do you have an ETA for the bug fix? Just bought the beacons and can’t use them with the Eddystone projects I was planning at all till this is fixed. Thanks in advance.

We’ve been testing a fix on Friday and all went well, so probably Monday or Tuesday.

Once again, really sorry to keep you waiting, and we appreciate your understanding!

I’m also waiting for this fix

Just checking on the status of the fix, as i can’t wait to try out. Keep us updated! Thanks!

Any update on this? Is there a workaround to update the firmware ? We need to demo our app in EddyStone mode next week.

Also waiting on this

UPDATE: 3.4.0 is live, happy updating your firmware! (:

We’ll have an updated SDK with a fix ready later today—look out for version 3.4:

Once it’s out, you’ll be able to update your beacons using the Examples, specifically the “Firmware Update Demo”.

Just put your app ID and app token (can be generated on, the “Apps” section, by adding a “mobile,” “existing” app) in the AppDelegate.m, build the Examples project, run it on your device, and go to the Firmware Update Demo.

Android SDK + Android and iOS apps will follow later this week.

Android and iOS apps are live (it might still take a few minutes/hours for the iOS app to propagate throughout the App Store), so you can once again update your beacons to Eddystone (:

Also, with the latest firmware 3.2.0, we fixed an important security vulnerability. You can read more about it on our blog: