Can anyone explain the "randomness" of the beacon transmissions?

Hi all,
I’m new here so please bear with me. I am using a commercial product for mobile wallet loyalty purposes. It offers geolocation alerts (the client’s mobile will be alerted when he passes within a geo-proximity of a business for which he holds a loyalty card) and also Beacons.
I bought 50 Estimote beacons and have configured them, I think, correctly on the system.
UsingEstimote Cloud to check on them and the Android Estimote app to configure them they:

  1. Seem to take a long, long time to update when a change is made in Estimote Cloud;

  2. Despite three identical beacons being configured with the same power (tx) level, same advertsing interval and all having brand new batteries, all linked to the same loyalty scheme, the advertising frequecies seem to vary wildly

  3. Having two Android devices with the loyalty app installed and both Bluetooth settings to allow for always on operation (one is a high end Huawei mobile and the other a hgh end Samsung tablet), only the tablet has ever received the adverts, from all three beacons at crazily different timings.

The commercial platform I am using is Loyalty Dog.

Thanks for any insights.