Beacon stimote help

im newbie i have 1 beacons how it this work

Estimote Beacons broadcast small radio packets using Bluetooth. Smartphones can listen to those packets when they are in proximity and perform various actions like:

  • show advertisements of products that are sold in the shop near by
  • locate you inside buildings (GPS does not work indoors)
  • you can attach beacon to your keys and your smartphone will help you to find them

Each beacon broadcasts individual number that can be used to identify the device and find its physical location.
So you place beacon in some location (for example in the meeting room), then you write an app for your smartphone using our SDKs. When the app will detect beacon in proximity, it can for example turn the phone into silent mode, so you won’t be interrupted during important meeting.

Check out our blog to see how our beacons are used around the world:

If you are a developer, here is a link to our developer portal: