Gateway to push the data to cloud


I’m working with estimote beacons. I’m new to this technology.we deployed some beacons in a shop. if some one is there with installed app, then beacon will be activate & then device which have app installed(could be android, ios, windows). will send the data to cloud. I want to put a gateway between cloud & device. So the data will send to the device , gateway will collect the data then push it to the cloud. i want to use my system as a gateway. please give suggestions that how can i put the gateway. how can my system will interact with the device & push the data to cloud?

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Process is just like that, Some beacons are deployed , BLE device is there beacon will activate then Data will be send by device to the gateway(System) then we can push the data to cloud. How can i send the data to the gateway ? how can i push it to cloud.

Thanks for your kind help in advance.

Out of curiosity, why not simply have the phone push data directly to the cloud?

In any case, it looks like you’ll need to arrange for a way to send data between your mobile device and the gateway computer. You could, e.g., set up some kind of a server on the gateway and have the phone push data to it via WiFi (then the server can be, e.g., a regular HTTP or WebSockets server) or Bluetooth (then the gateway will need to act as a so-called Bluetooth Central, or in other words, a Bluetooth device that other devices can connect to and then communicate with). But if you’re using Bluetooth on the gateway, then the gateway itself could be detecting beacons.

It’d be great to more know about what exactly you’re trying to achieve, so that we can narrow down the list of possible solutions.

I’m a bit confused still :slight_smile: iOS, Android, Windows can all connect to the Internet and send data to your server, why do you need the gateway? What do you want your app to be doing?

EDIT: nevermind, I saw you described your use case in more detail here: Data transfer to server

Wouldn’t it be enough if the phone itself pushed data to the cloud? Why go through a controller?

Or alternatively, the controller itself could detect beacons and push data to the cloud.

What data do you want to push? Sensor readings from beacons? Or something like, “beacon 123 was detected at 3:45 pm”?