Syncing beacon settings with Estimote Cloud

Hey all,

So I am building an app that needs to connect to a beacon (I have the beacon’s deviceId from the ConfigurableDevicesListener Callback), then Sync the beacon’s settings with the one pending in the Cloud.

I have been able to implement the flow successfully, and I do get a success callback once the Syncing is done. But, the problem is that the Cloud gets synced with the settings on the device. For eg, if the beacon’s broadcasting power (dBm) was -30 initially, and we changed that to -4 dBm on the Cloud, after a successful sync, it changes the Cloud’s value to back to -30 dBm. But, the documentation says Callback for synchronising device with cloud. Doesn’t that mean it’ll update the beacon with the Cloud’s settings? Not sure what’s going on there.

Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance!