Two way beacons communication

Hi, We need to build indoor tracking systems using beacons and a phone app.
I know that we could use fixed beacons and the mobile app could send the phone location to the cloud via wifi /LTE. For different reasons, such connectivity may not be available on the mobiles. We may use beacon for every employee and gather their locations using LTE-beacon or any alternative gateway; however, this solution is not preferred also :(.
are there any solution provided by estimote to build a solution with fixed beacons and mobile app that doesn’t require internet connectivity from the phone side.
There are different beacons on the market that have two-way communication with phone apps
I know this is not the standard of beacons but this’s the customer requirement.

You mean, can smartphone (which has no Internet) communicate its position to the LTE Beacon (which has Internet), so that the LTE Beacon can forward it to the cloud? That’s not possible at the moment, but it’s an interesting idea.

Essentially this boils down to some kind of a Bluetooth-based (= the smartphone and the gateway communicate over Bluetooth), cellular-backed (= the gateway has cellular, because you said no WiFi), application-specific (= no need to provide Internet connectivity for the entire smartphone, just for the position data in your mobile app, which greatly simplifies things), on-demand (= I assume no need to pair with each gateway would be ideal) hot-spot. This is definitely doable with some kind of “Bluetooth & cellular” IoT-class device.

Anyway, sounds like not something that we’d actively put on a roadmap for the LTE Beacon, unless more people start asking about that. But maybe some software agency with IoT skills would be able to help you put a prototype together—grab some fully-programmable board with Bluetooth and cellular (some Arduino maybe?), and take it from there. Or, you can shoot us an email to and tell us more about your project, and we’ll see if maybe we can help.

Hi heypiotr
Yes that’s what I mean

We have a use case that enforce us to not depend on the internet connection on the assets’ smartphones.

We are thinking about beacons because of benefits of low energy requirement and the fact that phones doesn’t need to be paired with beacons.

I don’t know if we could build Bluetooth based solution without pairing.

Such two-way communication beacons are available in the market from other manufacturers.

Mahmoud Nawar

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I think it’d be best if you connected with our team at and shared more about your project, since I don’t think I still entirely understand what you’re trying to do, so it’s hard to advise.

We have a use case that enforce us to not depend on the internet connection on the assets’ smartphones.

If you’re looking for an asset tracking solution, our Proximity Tags or Nearables + an LTE Beacon as a “gateway” is our usual suggestion. It’s easier and more cost effective than putting smartphones on assets :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I meant humans :sunglasses:

Mahmoud Nawar