FR: Show beacon names while updating firmware, etc

When ranging beacons the (iOS) app shows me beacons with outdated firmware… The problem is they just show either the color or a number (e.g. ‘beacon 1’). I have a bunch of beacons here (3 different colors), so it is really hard to find out which beacon is operated on. (especially if for some beacons an error occurs - which happens always when trying to update the firmware).

So please: Show the beacons name (and/or Major/Minor) when accessing a beacon (this also counts for the ‘Distance Demo’ in the app.

If you try out for yourself: Just put a bunch of beacons on a tables and try to update a certain one :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to write your feedback!

I’m not sure I understand the issue exactly—are you using the Estimote app from the App Store? Radar view or the list view? (You can switch between the two using the tab bar at the bottom.) The rader shows colors of beacons nearby:

The list view shows both color and name, and some additional properties (including major and minor for Estimote Beacons set to broadcast iBeacon), assuming you’re logged in with your Estimote Account:

Where exactly do you observe the behavior you’ve described?