Beacons not working

Hi, I have 6 beacons that I am trying to set up. I have enabled Flip to Sleep and Automatic Firmware Update but the settings are listed as Pending and don’t seem to propagate. The firmware and hardware versions for all beacons are listed as Unknown.

I downloaded the iOS Estimote app today to my phone running iOS 10.2. The app does not show any of my beacons in Radar view. The List view shows all of my beacons as <1m away even though I currently have one on my desk and the others are on the other side of my office.

The pending changes are visible (though the app doesn’t show me what the actual changes are). If I tap any beacon settings I get a message saying:

Come closer to the beacon. With this version of the app you cannot change settings of beacons that are out of your range.

But the app also says I’m <1m away.

This seems pretty broken. What can I do to get this to work?

It doesn’t look like you ever got a reply to this. I am having exactly the same issue with one of my beacons. All my others are fine, but one beacon won’t let me connect and make changes - giving the message “Come closer to the beacon…”