Security and API standards

  1. I have an ipad and android phone with the estimote demo app. There seems to be authentication on the iOS app with the login functions BUT that said login functions seems to be missing in the android demo app. I can change the values without login.
    Q: Without this login function on android, how do i determine the ownership of the beacon?

  2. Is there a standard estimote is following in regards to the API?
    Let's say another manufacturer were to make beacons. Can i still use Estimote's library or is it totally incompatible?


  1. We're working on security layer for Android. Our developers are right now at Google I/O and they'll discuss beacon support with Google.

  2. Our software only supports Estimote hardware and currently we don’t have plans to integrate and support other devices. It's because of specific tech design of our beacons. We simply cannot guarantee that our solutions would work properly and provide enough quality with devices from 3rd party vendors.