Firmware not found

Hello guys,
I am testing Proximity beacon(BulkUpdater) use Android SDK.
And i download this sample to update my beacon.
Then I got the below Error message.

My BulkUpdater.Status always is UPDATING.
But when i use Estimote app to check beacon, it had changed(UUID).
if is sdk without callback when finish?

Last, I go to Estimote Cloud to download Configuration app sample.
when I updated my beacon, got same message.
what did i miss?

What’s the hardware revision of your beacon? Can you message me its identifier?

Thanks for private-messaging me the extra data! Just to leave a public record: there’s simply no new version of firmware available, but the way we’re handling it leads to an error being reported instead. Something we’d need to change/fix in the SDK probably. (Or in the Cloud APIs, but that’s slightly more tricky for reasons that I don’t want to bore you with ^_^)