Fetching a mapped location by ANDROID devices

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way that we could fetch a mapped location by IOS devices and display it on an ANDROID devices ? , since there is still no Indoor location SDK available for android yet?

I don’t mind showing the location of the android devices for now but at least can I display the location of IOS devices which is updated to the estimote cloud and pass it to an android device like what we see in the “Show Indoor Locations” via Estimote Cloud ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Mei!

This is definitely possible, Estimote Cloud dashboard uses the same API as our iOS SDK. However, you would need to write the parsing and visualization part.

Here is an example cURL:
curl -u "appId:appToken" -X GET "https://cloud.estimote.com/v1/indoor/locations/LOCATION_ID"

Out of curiosity - why do you need only the visualization part on Android? :slight_smile: