Examples compile on Android Studio but they crash

they compile, they run. but instead of showing the main activity with all the information they just crash and exit.
i got 2 android phones available to test them on(mine and a coworker) as everybody else on this office is on iOS, and the app needs to be able to run on android.

i cannot start meddling with app development until i have an example that works and runs without problems, so i know all the problems that arise are made by me.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem Koneko, I contacted Mr. Piotr and he told me that the error occurs because they are having problems with Android devices and he also told me that it could be the SDK, and he told me that they recently updated it.

Can you guys post the crash stack trace? Or better yet, file a bug report here:


… and include all the info from the template.

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