Estimote Beacon template app. Nearest Beacon: null, distance: -1.0

I downloaded the template app named Proximity Content for a single beacon from cloud.estimote and selected my beetroot location beacon in the setup. The app works in my Huawei Mate 8 mobile and is able to detect the beacon. But, it doesn’t work on my Lenovo TAB3 8 tablet and Moto e3 mobile. The Android monitor in Android Studio shows D/NearestBeaconManager: Nearest beacon: null, distance: -1.0 On both the tablet and moto e3 mobile the android studio shows this line and beacons are not to be found. But, in huawei mate 8 the template app works perfectly well. All the devices are Android VERSION 6.0

are you getting any other errors?
Take a look at my question and see if it is similar