Example for build me simple application

I have a question for as work with sample template.
I want do my simple application with a notification personalised to indicate what a person is near of a beacon.
I have downloaded a template " NOTIFICATION " and downloaded a .zip but this file I do not have idea as compile and how install in my smartphone (Android).
Can you help me ? , too you me send a example application for a testing.
I am use java languaje.
Thanks for coments.

are you using the proximity beacons?

if so, I would guess this sdk would be the one you want to look at

yes i’m using proximity beacon.
the file in github is ready to compile?
I has downloaded the file so you indicated but I don´t know like compile him, what program should use?
can you help me?

I´m trying compile with android studio but the application not compile.

the example is in the things folder

that is where the gradle scripts for Android are

I would use the android studio ide.

thank you, i’m opened file, what is the app folder?
is androidthingsapp or things
sorry for my ignorance, I’m new in android studio.

I can´t fix this warning

i think the sdk provided gradle stuff is quite old (5 yrs) … and would need to be upgraded…

i am just another user like you… havent tried the android stuff , but is quite old

yes is very old, I has downgrade the build gradle, but now have a error with an import library Peripheral Manager Service, unrecognized, I´don’t know fixed, I had tried but the error persistant.

I don’t know, I Google searched and came up w this.

I don’t know what android version this is in, or if u have to add it to some dependencies list to install it

right now I have my hands full w ios development