Getting a crash from Android SDK

I am using estimode com.estimote:proximity-sdk:1.0.3 and getting a crash from the sdk.
This is the stack trace:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to create bluetooth LE scanner instance
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.packet_provider.scanner.AlwaysErrorEstimoteScaner.scan(AlwaysErrorEstimoteScaner.kt:13)
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.packet_provider.EstimotePacketProvider.provideEstimoteLocation(EstimotePacketProvider.kt:45)
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.api.EstimoteBluetoothScanner$estimoteLocationScan$1.invoke(EstimoteBluetoothScanner.kt:16)
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.api.EstimoteBluetoothScanner$estimoteLocationScan$1.invoke(EstimoteBluetoothScanner.kt:10)
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.api.use_cases.ScanUseCase$scanForPacketsAccordingToSettings$1.apply(ScanUseCase.kt:22)
at com.estimote.scanning_plugin.api.use_cases.ScanUseCase$scanForPacketsAccordingToSettings$1.apply(ScanUseCase.kt:8)
at io.reactivex.internal.operators.observable.ObservableScalarXMap$ScalarXMapObservable.subscribeActual(

Please let me know how to handle this.


I think similar problem was covered here:
It happens when you try to start scanning when Bluetooth is off.
I would also be a good idea to update Proximity SDK from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 which is the latest version available when writing this post.

@pober Thanks for that. I will update the SDK but they haven’t mentioned in the release notes on this issue.
Plus I was wondering if there is any way from the client app to avoid doing it.
We are scanning only when the Bluetooth is turned on.