When issuing a request to ESTRequestGetBeacons to return all beacons in my Estimote account, I’m noticing that the array of ESTBeaconVO objects have fields for indoorLocationName and indoorLocationIdentifier. However, these values are always empty, despite the fact that the beacons have an indoor location listed when I log in through the cloud portal.

Is there a reason why these details wouldn’t be available via the iOS SDK? Is there another way to get the location a beacon belongs to?

Anyone run into this? Should I be seeing the indoorLocationIdentifier on the ESTBeaconVO objects being returned? They always report as not having an indoor location identifier, even though the cloud portal shows one assigned to them.

ESTRequestGetBeacons is our old endpoint, I guess you’ve just found a bug in it (:

Can you try ESTRequestV2GetDevices? This one hits our current endpoint:

You’ll get an array of ESTDeviceDetails objects, and you can access indoor location info via shadow and then indoorLocation.

Perfect! Looks like that works! Thanks for the help!