EstimoteProximitySDK and FilpToSleep issue

Hi, I’ve an iOS App which implements EstimoteProximitySDK. All is working (except some delay, but this is a known “issue”, for what I’m reading, depending from various factors).

A strange issue for me is the fact that:

  • If I start the app (no matter either Background or Foreground Location mode permissions) with my Beacon (Location or Proximity) flipped, and I turn it on, I enter in my onEnterAction(). But, when I revert it flipped down (sleeping), no way to get onExitAction() triggered.


The “exit” action with the Flip to Sleep is expected to be delayed by at least 30 seconds with the Proximity SDK. You’re saying you’re not getting it at all, even after, say, a minute or two have passed?

Hi @heypiotr ,
I have the same issue using the new android proximity SDK,
I do get the exit notification when the beacons are out of range, but when I flip the beacons to sleep, it doesn’t register that I am out of range.

I believe it might have to do with the beacon sending other types of packets while it is ‘sleeping’ as I was still able to view the beacons using the Estimote app. The SDK might have sensed the other packets from the same beacons and still ‘think’ that the beacons are nearby?

Ha, good catch. Generally the reason flip to sleep is problematic with our new Proximity SDKs is: you define the distance at which more-or-less the enter/exit events should happen, and our SDKs constantly monitor and process the signal strength to see if it’s time to trigger the event. If the signal gets cut abruptly, but putting the beacon to sleep, the algorithm kinda goes defunct. On iOS, we have a “safeguard” in place where if we don’t hear from the beacon in 30 seconds, we’ll call an exit anyway. On Android, I think we don’t have this yet, which would explain why you’re not getting the exit.

UPDATE: I’ve just learned from our Proximity team that the Android Proximity SDK also has this safeguard since version 0.3.2:

What version are you using @urieltan?

Hi @heypiotr,
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I have taken note of this, I was using sdk version 0.2.+ from this tutorial. I have now updated to 0.4.1 (involved some changes with the imports) and now the exit notifications work exactly as expected. Thanks!