Reliable enter / exit events in background on iOS


I’ve been reading up on the proximity monitoring capabilities of the new estimote beacons / SDK.

I’m well aware of the limitations in CoreLocation on iOS and I’m very interested in knowing if the “up to a few seconds” “exit” event delay also applies when the app is in the background and the phone has been inactive for a while.

We would like to get reliable enter / exit events reliably with an as-short-as-possible delay for short range regions (no more than 1 or 2 meters) when the app is running in the background. With the standard Core Location, we sometimes have to wait for 30 seconds for the exit event (also needed to get new enter events) and would like a solution for that.


I don’t see any question … so I’ll just confirm that yes, with Estimote Proximity SDK (powered by Estimote Monitoring instead of iBeacon), the exit delay is generally much shorter, up to a few seconds. Best if you just try it for yourself I guess (: